"Squirrel!"...The Communications Tactic

President Trump and Prime Miniser May have just completed their joint press conference. It is the most classic example of the "Squirrel!" (from the movie UP) communications tactic, otherwise known as the, "These are not the Droids you are looking for" (Star Wars) play.

Black is white and the sky is yellow. The Sun article is "fake news"

The President is the best exponent I have seen at the philosophy of, "Dont believe your lying eyes and ears."

No world leader has ever used this tactic so adriotly, probably because they believed they could never get away with it, that they would be held to account. This President is truly gifted at this play as a communicator.

@CNN will call it a backflip - but that won't matter.

The audacity is breathtaking, but the appeal to the base at home will be profound.

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