Train Your Crisis Management Muscles

How prepared are you for a crisis? You’ve definitely taken steps to better equip yourself. Your company has a crisis plan (great!). You’ve reviewed that crisis plan recently (even better!). But are you confident in your skills? Do you know how you will react?

Practice makes perfect. You train to get better, faster and stronger. Waiting for a live fire crisis in order to develop your crisis management skills is not an option. While table top read-throughs of your crisis plan familiarize your team with protocols, nothing tops an immersive crisis simulation.

Reign-Maker’s Crisis Immersion Program offers an entertaining and interactive way for you to train those crisis management muscles. While the immersion only simulates the pressure of live fire crisis conditions, the skill development is real.

This crisis training program is unique. Over the course of two days the crisis will evolve, reactions will be judged and skills will be honed. Most importantly, you will emerge as a valuable crisis management asset to your company and gain confidence in your crisis management abilities.

Register now for the Crisis Immersion Program (October 24-25, Las Vegas).

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