The Eulogy. Art of a Great Speech

Why was Meghan McCain's speech so good? Was it the language? Certainly. Was it the passion? Undoubtedly. Was it the tone? Definitely.

It was all of these things, but many speeches that will put you to sleep have those qualities.

What this speech had was the secret sauce of great speech making - authenticity.

Meghan McCain didn't just believe what she was saying. She lived it. That speech was imbued with her essence and all the emotion of a lifelong relationship with her father.

This speech was by no means technically perfect, not in craft nor delivery, it was better than that. The stumbles fueled it, the tears brought it to life and the tone at times was pure venom.

Great speeches are a chemical reaction. The speech itself is only one of the active ingredients. The delivery is the catalyst and the audience completes the reaction.

This speech was dynamite.

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