Reign-Maker Crisis Simulations: Be As Right as 'Reign'

The only difference between an issue and a crisis is the impact. Issues management is a constant vigilant process of assessment. A crisis usually surfaces when your issues management process has failed. By recognizing issues and intervening, many crises can be prevented.

But what about when a crisis does strike? At that moment you must be ready, and that readiness requires training. Let Reign-Maker conduct a crisis simulation with your team, and you will be as right as ‘reign.’

Our simulations offer you:

  1. Preparation: Reign-Maker will prepare a simulation using your plan and your team.

  2. Relevance: Reign-Maker will select issues relevant to your business to test

  3. Execution: Reign-Maker will conduct a half or full-day simulation with your staff. This simulation will include a crisis which: a) evolves during the simulation, b) has surprises, c) has product impact, d) has reputational impact, e) has financial impact

  4. Review: Reign-Maker will facilitate a panel discussion on key learnings

  5. Report: Reign-Maker will produce a report on strengths and challenges

We will video you, we will call you, we will interview you, we will test you, but most importantly we will train you.

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